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What are the popunder ads?

Pop-unders discreetly appear in a new window that’s under or behind an active window. Users view ads after closing active windows. They are created using a unique JavaScript code and work on all devices, including mobile, desktop, and tablet. They allow precise targeting under CPM and CPC models of pricing.

What is the popunder traffic?

It’s the traffic or amount of click-throughs to particular websites generated from pop-unders. On most advertising platforms, pop traffic, whether pop-up or pop-under, tends to be cheaper. Advertisers often need to make minimum deposits for straightforwardly executed ads.

How do pop-ups and pop-unders differ?

Pop-ups appear over active windows while popunders open in a new window that’s behind current windows. Pop-unders are less intrusive than pop-ups because users don’t notice them immediately. They can keep browsing and view the ad later since it doesn’t distract them.

Are popunder ads effective?

Popunders are effective in attracting viewers who have closed active browser windows stumbling upon pop-unders by chance. They have an element of “surprise.” Piquing the audience’s interest, they communicate more efficiently. Advertisers can set up detailed parameters targeting a segmented audience.

Are pop-ups dangerous?

Most pop-ups are harmless because they come from reputable ad networks. They provide interested users with valuable information. When you notice that some unknown source is triggering pop-ups, it may signal that this device has a virus. Always check if ads come from reputable sources.

How to use popunder traffic?

Pop-under traffic results from a broader audience. It’s useful to advertisers’ marketing services that appeal to a wider user base, such as software, insurance, travel, gambling, or e-commerce. It’s essential to use high-quality and attractive landing pages that provide users with significant value, such as free vouchers, ebooks, or trials.