About the EvaDav

EvaDav is a group of companies with over 11 years of development and integration experience of advertising products. EvaDav.com is an AdTech platform focused on the technological advantage of the market of push-notifications.

Our expertise in the advertising market that permits us to develop technological solutions both for the advertiser and the publisher has its focus on achieving the highest standards of structuring and in-depth analysis of advertising traffic and its sources, which in turn ensures both the quality of advertising messages for the advertiser and the highest possible profitability for the publisher.

About the Company

Our experience in the development of Business Intelligence products for advertising platforms, provides us with an in-depth understanding of the advertising market, ensures a systemic approach towards the development of our anti-fraud and monitoring systems, and inspires us to develop top-quality technological solutions.

Creation of a unified push-notification distribution system that will establish a way to unite advertiser and publisher platforms in a single place in order to establish and further develop advertising technology based on push-notifications.

Consolidation and transparency of the technology and advertising tools we employ for all participants of the ecosystem. We actively and consistently dedicate ourselves to the research and continuous optimization of various advertising formats in order to ensure the highest achievable level of efficiency with the lowest possible number of contacts. We place the utmost importance on Brand-Safety and Hyper-Efficiency.

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