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What is native marketing?

The premise of this marketing entails placing ads alongside regular editorial content. For instance, news and entertainment sites feature content panels with sponsored or recommended posts right below their articles. The message, tone, and formatting are consistent with the publisher’s platform. Using attractive headlines and images generates more clicks for promoted content.

How do native ads work?

Advertisers first create accounts on ad networks—the network partners with publishers with different audiences. Web owners receive a special code embeddable on their website, allowing ad panels to be displayed. Clicking on the ad will redirect users to the enclosed URL. Landing pages must be less promotional but seek to offer more information or exclusive content.

Which ads are native?

Prominent examples include content recommendations formatted as articles that appear side-by-side with articles on the publisher's website. Promoted listings on search engines and in-feed recommendations on social networks, e.g., Facebook or Twitter, may pass as advertising.

How can users tell apart native marketing if it looks like regular content?

Despite matching the publisher's styling and formatting, web users are apt at identifying promoted posts. Websites label promotional content as sponsored or promoted. Search engines like Google and social media sites, e.g., Facebook, also identify promotional content using sponsored tags. Users are not misled or tricked in any way.

Why do online marketers turn to native advertising?

Statistics show that users interact with sponsored posts with much frequency as non-sponsored content. Marketers can form connections with potential leads by offering exclusive knowledge. Audiences are increasingly ignoring banner ads. This format resists ad fatigue, generates better purchase intent and increases the advertiser’s ROI.

How do I create a native ad?

Find an advertising network platform that supports this format, such as EvaDav. Sign up and create a campaign. Upload an eye-catching, descriptive, and high-quality thumbnail image. Come up with an attractive and catchy title with action words. Provide the landing page URL where users will find additional information.

Why is native better than display ads?

Users engage with the ads hoping for a solution to their problems or to satisfy their curiosity. Since they deliver value, users are less likely to ignore them. Unlike display or pop-up ads, they are not always blocked by ad blockers. EvaDav found that click rates are up to eight times higher compared to other formats. They are viewed up to 50% more than display ads.

What makes native marketing effective?

This type of advertising puts users first. Advertisers can use long-form landing pages that teach audiences ways of solving their problems. A landing page may present ways to make money. Call-to-actions come after users are highly motivated. Placing ads on credible publisher websites also lends the necessary social proof to drive higher conversions.