Evadav Referral Program

Join our referral program and EARN EXTRA MONEY!

Let’s move to success together!

Join our referral program, recommend Evadav Advertising Network to your friends, colleagues, and business partners and get rewarded for each new client!

Evadav is an Advertising Marketing platform

for advertisers and publishers providing popular ad formats such as push notifications, native ads, in-page messages, and popunder.

150 000


have already chosen Evadav as a business partner to advertise, manage, distribute and monetize their traffic

16 000 000


are received by our customers on average monthly in 2022


of our customers

are satisfied with our services


Current active succeed partners

13 000

Already received customers from our partners

30 days

Average time from user registration to successful payment of referral

What sources and channels to use to attract referrals to Evadav?

Based on our experience and expertise, we recommend the following ways for you to earn extra income!

  • Direct
  • Social networking
  • Youtube webinars and video
  • Offline and online conferences
  • Blogging
  • Spread a word
  • Display ads
  • Emails
  • Social Media
  • Push notifications

Make money with Evadav referral program as easy as pie

  • Sign up or be already signed up on our platform.
  • Find your referral link in “Referral Program” section, copy and share it with potential partners.
  • New advertisers should follow YOUR referral link. So that the system processed new partners’ data correctly and assigned them under your account.
  • Right after the evadav registration you can see your referral partners in your account real-time stats and publishers.
  • As soon as invited advertisers buy any ads formats in total $500 and more, you’ll get $50 for EACH of them and 5% for all publishers revenue lifetime.
  • By the way, not only you get $50, but every new advertiser (brought by you) will get $50 as well after spending $500.
  • In order to withdraw earned commission, transfer it to your publisher or advertiser balance. Up to you.

Our partners testimonials

Evadav is a solid traffic source, and they have a really friendly team that works hard to make sure that the money you spend doesn't goto waste and you'll profit. Many traffic sources don't care if you lose money, but EVADAV employs a unique approach where your success is their success.

Attila O'dree
Attila O'dree

Our cooperation with EVADAV has been bearing fruits for several years. Mobidea recommends Evadav as one of the leading Ad Networks in the world.

João Aguiar
João Aguiar

EvaDav is a great network. They offer high-quality push and native ad inventory for anyone who’s focused on results. They are a solid partner and we’re happy to recommend them!

Kamila Łuksza
Kamila Łuksza
Head of Marketing
at Voluum

EVADAV is one of my top sources for push traffic and recently I also started testing their pops as well! On top of having a great platform for buying traffic, you can also easily monetize your own traffic using their push widgets. Highly recommended!

Luke Kling
Luke Kling
Founder of AffLIFT

Frequently asked questions

How to bring referrals to Evadav?

You just need to sign up on our platform and go to the ‘Referral Program’ section to copy the link. Then share it with potential partners and monitor your referral partners in your account real-time stats.

How to boost your referral program earnings?

To get more earnings, share your referral link with as many partners as you can.

What are referral program benefits?

Referral programs are a so-called passive income, which allows you to get extra money for your future campaigns.

How many people I can refer?

You can refer to as many people as you can. We don’t set any limits.

Can I refer to both advertisers and publishers?

Yes, you can refer to both advertisers and publishers.

Where can I see my referral earnings?

You can see your referral earnings in your account in real-time stats.

How often do my referral earnings update?

Your referral earnings are counted in real-time.

How can I withdraw earned commissions?

After you earn commissions, it goes to your ‘Hold’ balance. Then, you can withdraw earned money with any payment method, or transfer it to the balance in your profile and use it to launch advertising.

How much can I gain with the referral program?

It depends on the number of invited advertisers and publishers' revenue lifetime.

What are the terms of payment for an advertiser's referral?

As soon as an invited user becomes an advertiser and their total spend reaches $500 and more, you get $50. What’s more, the referral user gets $50 as well.

What are the terms of payment for a publisher's referral?

You will earn 5% of the revenue of each referral publisher you’ve invited lifetime.