EvaDav offers the easiest way to increase publishers revenue.

Our platform connects you to a global advertising exchange from the top advertisers. It does not matter whether the user visits your website often or had stumbled upon it by accident, as soon as he subscribes to the push-message system on your website, he remains connected to your account, earning you a constant daily income.

3 easy steps to start earning

A simple registration form will guide you through the swift process of creating an account on your way towards the start of increasing your earnings.

Detailed instructions on how to install code are available in our video tutorial. In case you encounter any technical issues and require guidance, you are more than welcome to contact our technical support for help.

Select the conversion tool that is most effective for your type of traffic, add the code to your websites, and specify your payment method in order to receive payments.

Watch this 3-minute video-tutorial to learn how to register with EvaDav and create your first widget

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Our Advantages

All GEO Traffic

We accept traffic with any geo. Our advertisers offer appropriate advertising campaigns and deals for any country.

The Highest Conversion Rate

We offer the highest conversion rate on the market since we aim at demonstrating customers only the appropriate and relevant advertising based on the internal analysis tools.

Safety for the Publisher

We offer 100% safety for publishers since our advertising messages come from our domain, within a limited time span, and in no way are associated with the publisher's website.

Weekly Payments

We offer the fastest income generation on the market by providing publishers with tools that are most convenient and effective at earning them income as quickly as possible.