For Advertisers:

How do I become an advertiser?
Register your account at evadav.com, fill up your balance with any payment method you prefer from the variety of supported ones, then set up campaigns and start advertising.
What type of advertising does your platform offer?
EvaDav is providing advertising services in the format of Push Notifications and Popunder, which can be displayed to the end user on both mobile and desktop.
How do I start the campaign?
The campaign starts immediately after the successful moderation. In case you did not tick the “Launch an advertising campaign immediately after moderation” box (screenshot)
Which creatives can I use?
Any, except those prohibited by the EvaDav Platform Rules. You can find a list of creatives and their topics that are prohibited to be shown in the corresponding section on the website - Prohibited Materials Rules
How long should I wait for the moderation to be completed?
The working regulations for the ad campaings moderation takes up to 20 minutes 24/7, after which the status of your campaign become active. (screenshot)
How many campaigns can I create?
The number of ad campaigns that you can create in unlimited.
Which GEOs can I target?
On our platform, you can target any Geo you’d like to run your ad campaigns in.
What sizes of creatives do I need?
The icon (small image) should be 192x192 pixels, the large image (creative) should be 492x328 pixels.
What is the minimum balance recharge amount?
The amount of the minimum recharge is 100 USD.
Can I transfer funds from the publisher to an advertiser’s balance?
Yes. To do this, you need to contact your personal manager and tell how much you want to transfer. After this, the manager will let you know as soon as the funds are transferred.
The campaigns with one of my creatives was rejected. Why did that happen?
The rejection of an advertising campaign can only be caused by a violation of one or several points of the rules described on our website via this link
Why does the number of clicks keeps increasing after the campaign is stopped?
This happens due to the mechanics of sending push notifications. Example - sending a new round of push notifications can occur at the moment when your balance is approaching zero point. The system stops further sending, but those notifications that have already been sent out - can be viewed much later than the moment of sending (for example, if the user receives notifications to the home computer, or for some reason forgot the phone), and in this case, can click on the ad creative much later than the average user group.
How does technical support work in your company?
Technical support is available 24/7
Are there any blacklists? Can I work with them?
You can create an audience that you want to exclude and then add it to the blacklist when creating a campaign.
To do this, you need to go to the "Audiences" menu item, create an audience with an arbitrary name (screenshot) and enter the sources of traffic that you want to exclude in the Source field. When creating an advertising campaign, there is a Blacklist section at the bottom, in the Audiences field, enter the first 3 symbols of the audience name and select those you want to exclude from the list.
Which payment systems can I use to recharge my balance?
You can replenish the balance with such payment systems as:
  • Credit cards;
  • Webmoney;
  • PayPal;
  • ePayments;
  • Skrill;
  • Paxum;
  • BitPay;
  • and other payment systems available in all parts of the globe.
To do this, go to the Advertisers - Funds menu item, select the desired payment method, enter the deposit amount (the minimum deposit amount is $100), check the box, agree to terms and conditions and click on the "Proceed" button(screenshot)
After this, you will be transferred to the page of the payment system to pay the specified amount.
I want to send your traffic on my landing page with another push notifications subscription widget. Can I do that?
No, this action is prohibited.
What is the User impression limit (per day)?
This parameter indicates the number of ad impressions that you want to show to one unique user.
Which payment model do you work with?
We work by the CPC model only.
What metrics do I see in my statistics and what do they mean?
Statistics in Evadav can be seen in several sections - by date, by country, by campaign, by operating system, by browser, and by traffic source.(screenshot)
In each of these sections, most of the metrics are universal, their values are as follows:
  • Date - the date for which statistics are shown.
  • Impressions - the number of ad impressions.
  • Clicks - the number of clicks on advertising campaign creatives.
  • CTR (Click-Through Rate) - the ratio of the number of clicks on the advertising creative to the number of Impressions, shows of advertising creative.
  • CPC (Cost Per Click) - the cost of one click on the creative campaign.
  • Cost is a value indicating the total spend on the campaign / campaigns in the selected statistics slice.
  • Leads - quantity of conversions.
  • Cost per Lead - the cost of one lead on the creative campaign.
  • Payout - your income according to payments for generated leads.
  • Profit - Payout deduct Cost.
  • ROI is a coefficient the return on investment. (Income from investments - size of investments) / Size of investments * 100%.
How can I identify sources of traffic that I like or work well with on my campaign?
In the Audiences tab, you can create a whitelist where you can group audiences according to your preferences. (screenshot)
How is the bid win chance calculated? Is it based on the bid price only?
No, bid win chance depends not only on the bid price - it is equal to the bid price multiplied by the CTR value and then multiplied by 100. Therefore, a creative with higher CTR will be shown even if their bid price is equal.
Which Macros do you support?
  • {CPC}
What parameters can I target in an advertising campaign?
You can target your advertising campaign by the following parameters:
- Countries
- Сity
- Device
- Browser
- Browser language
- Subscription period
- ISP (mobile operator)
API documentation
For API documentation, contact your personal manager
What are minimal bids for each GEO?
The minimum BID for advertising campaigns in the push notification format is from 0.001. You can also see the recommended and maximum BID when creating an advertising campaign.
The minimum BID for advertising campaigns in the Popunder format is 0,0002. You can also see the recommended and maximum BID when creating an advertising campaign.
Do my campaigns depend on my balance?
We recommend to have more than 100$ on your balance to keep your ads showing without slowing down. The speed of your campaign will slow down when you reach the balance mark below $50
Why is my stopped campaign still receiving clicks?
When a campaign is started push notifications are sent to users devices. These notifications do not disappear until the user click on it or delete it. Even when the campaign is stopped any user could click on it.

For Publishers:

How does your project work?
Evadav.com allows publishers to monetize their websites or landing pages through advertising with push notifications. Visitors subscribe to receive push-notifications from your site or our landing and such subscriber will constantly bring you revenue by viewing and clicking on the push notification ads.
What model of monetization of my traffic can I use?
There are 2 monetization models:
  • Revenue Share
  • CPA - payment per push subscription
Do you have a referral program?
Yes! Statistics and referral links are available in your account! 5% of the income of attracted publishers. Please note that referral program does not apply to advertisers.
How to create a stream?
1. In your account, go to the menu section "Streams"
2. Click the "Create Stream" button
3. Fill in the "Stream name" field and click "Create"
4. Stream created.
How to add Widget to monetize traffic in Native format?
1. In your account, go to the menu item "Streams";
2. Click on "Widgets";
3. Click on "Create Widgets";
4. Click the "Native" tab;
5. Fill in the "Name" field;
6. Fill in the field "Domain: (HTTPS only)" (the field is filled in with the https: // protocol (example - https://yoursite.com));
7. Custom service worker name (optional);
8. Exclude ad categories (optional) - using this option it is possible to exclude certain traffic verticals;
9. Push notification frequency (optional) - with this option you can set the frequency of push notifications to your subscribers:
- Low - 4 push notifications per day;
- Medium - 8 push notifications per day;
- High - 12 deliveries of push notifications per day;
- Turbo - 16 deliveries of push notifications per day.
10. Time to next display (optional) - Time between shows popup to user, (seconds);
11. Display delay (optional) - Time to popup (seconds, max 3600);
12. Background Darkening (optional) - Darkening the background after displaying the subscription widget on the Screen (%);
13. Prompt constructor (optional) - the ability to create your own stylized widget;
14. Click on "Create";
15. Native widget was created and sent for moderation;
16. A message of approval will be sent to you by e-mail.
How to add code to install Native Widget to your site?
1. Go to Widget
2. Click on the “Get code” button
3. Download JS file to the root directory of your site.
4. Add ad code to the <body>
How to add a widget in the Popup format?
1. In your account, go to the menu item "Streams";
2. Click on "Widgets";
3. Click on "Create Widget";
4. Click the "Popup" tab;
5. Fill in the "Name" field;
6. Complexity (optional) - How many times a user can cancel the subscription (the subscription will be reopened, if it was not granted);
7. Prompt constructor (optional) - the ability to create your own stylized widget;
8. Payment type - Choice of payment model (CPA, Rev.Share);
9. Select one of the templates;
10. Click on "Create";
11. Popup widget was created.
What metrics do I see in my statistics and what do they mean?
Statistics in Evadav can be seen in several sections - by date, by country, by widgets, by operating system, by browser, by Sub id 1 (optional) and Sub id 2 (optional) In each of these sections, most of the metrics are universal, their values are as follows:
  • Date - the date for which statistics are shown.
  • Unique - the number of unique users
  • Sub - number of subscriptions
  • CR - Conversion Rate
  • Unsub - number of unsubscriptions
  • Impressions - the number of ad impressions
  • Clicks - тumber of clicks on ads
  • CPC (Cost Per Click) - the cost of one click on the creative campaign.
  • CTR (Click-Through Rate) - CTR (Click Through Rate) - the ratio of the number of clicks on an advertisement to the total number of impressions. Accordingly, the higher this indicator, the better the users respond to your creative. (Formula: CTR = (Clicks / Impressions) * 100)
  • CPA - CPA earnings
  • TBR - earnings from traffic back
  • Total - total earnings
How to add code to install Popup Widget to my site?
1. Go to Widget
2. Click on the Get code button
3. Add Popup code to your website in the <body>
What types of traffic do you accept?
We accept almost any type of traffic from all GEOs. But your website must adhere to our rules.
Is there a minimum number of visitors that my website should have?
We do not have minimum requirements. Whether your website receives 100 visitors a day or 1 000 000, you can register and use our system.
What's the average delay of EvaDav statistics?
Statistics are updated every 15 minutes.
What OS and browsers are supported in EvaDav?
The service supports the following operating systems and browsers:
OS: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android
Browsers: Google Chrome, Opera, Yandex, Mozilla, Firefox, Amigo.
If I do not have a website, but there is traffic from exchanges, can I earn with EvaDav?
Yes, certainly. The system has Direct Link, to which you can send traffic from the exchange.
Are your landings adaptive to the user's language?
Yes, all types of landings are adaptive to the user's language.
Will work with you influence the position of the website in the search engines?
When using our service, there is no impact on user experience with the search engines.
Trafficback URL - how does it work?
You can redirect a visitor to another link after a successful subscription to receive push notifications. To do this, fill in the field Trafficback URL (redirection point).
What is Postback URL?
A postback URL in Attribution Analytics is a URL request to a third-party system that notifies them of a conversion.
What is the “Complexity”?
Complexity is a parameter that regulates the amount of reopening a window to a Push Subscription. For example, if you specified a difficulty level of 20, then the user will need to cancel the subscription 20 times, so that the subscription request is no longer received, or subscribe. If the user subscribes, the subscription window will no longer appear. By default, the difficulty level is set to 100. Set the difficulty level to 0 for unlimited amounts of reopening a window on canceling the subscription (until user close opened window) or change the number to “1” so your visitors get to see the pop-up banner only once. You can change this number at any time.
How much will I earn?
Earnings depend on the website performance and market conditions. The geographic location of your website traffic can also play a significant part in determining your potential revenue.
What is the minimum amount of earnings available to withdraw funds?
We have a minimum payment threshold of $25 and billing is handled automatically.
How often do you make payments?
The payments are made every 7 days on Mondays.
What payment methods do you use? (Minimal amount to withdraw?)
Currently, we offer PayPal, Paxum, Skrill, ePayments, Webmoney, Payoneer, Bank Wire as payment methods. The minimum amount for withdrawal is $25, $500 for Bank Wire
Is there a fee for making payments?
You get exactly as much as you earned in the system.
What ads are displayed?
EvaDav always shows the best paying ads on your website. Our AdNetwork is an intelligent and fully automatic system, which finds ads with the best CPM and shows them by OpenRTB.
My site has international traffic, can I join?
Yes. We accept Non-English sites. Any GEO can be monetized.
Where can I add my payment information?
To add payment information, submit an application from the mail that was entered during registration and acts as your login email support@evadav.com
In the subject line, indicate "Adding personal account information" in the body to indicate:
- Payment system;
- Payment details.
Please note that it is possible to use the details of dollar wallets only.

In case of any other questions, please, do not hesitate to Contact Us.

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