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How to start monetize!

How to create stream?
1. In your account, go to the menu item "Streams"
2. Click "Create Stream"
3. Fill in the "Stream name" field and click "Create"
4. Stream created.
How to add Widget to monetize traffic in Native format?
1. In your account, go to the menu item "Streams"
2. Click on "Widgets"
3. Click on "Create Widgets"
4. Click the "Native" tab;
5. Fill in the "Name" field;
6. Fill in the field "Domain: (HTTPS only)" (the field is filled in with the https: // protocol (example -;
7. Click on "Create"
8. Native widget was created and sent for moderation
9. A message about approval will be sent to you by e-mail
How to add code to install Native Widget to your site?
1. Go to Widget
2. Click on the Get code button
3. Download JS file to the root directory of your site.
4. Add ad code to the <body>
How to add a widget in the format of Popup?
1. In your account, go to the menu item "Streams"
2. Click on "Widgets"
3. Click on "Create Widget"
4. Click the "Popup" tab
5. Fill in the "Name" field
6. Select one of the templates
7. Click on "Create"
8. Popup widget was created and sent for moderation
How to add code to install Popup Widget to my site?
1. Go to Widget
2. Click on the Get code button
3. Add Popup code to your website in the <body>

Technical question:

What types of traffic do you accept?
We accept almost any type of traffic from everywhere! But your website must comply with our terms.
Are there minimum number of visitors which my website should have?
We do not have minimum requirements. Whether your website receives 100 visitors a day, or up to 1 000 000, you can register and use our system.
What's the average delay of EvaDav statistics?
Statistics are updated every 15 minutes.
What OS and browsers EvaDav supported?
The service supports the following operating systems and browsers:
OS: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android
Browsers: Google Chrome, Opera, Yandex, Mozilla.
If I do not have a website, but there is traffic from exchanges, can I earn with EvaDav?
Yes, certainly. The system has Direct Link, to which you can send traffic from exchange.
Are your landings adaptive to the user's language?
Yes, all types of landings adaptive to user's language.
Will work with you influence the position of the website in the search engines?
When using our service, there is no impact on user experience with the search engines.
Trafficback url - how does it work?
You can redirect a visitor to another link after a successful subscription to receive push notifications. To do this, fill in the field Trafficback url (redirection point).
What is Postback url?
A postback URL in Attribution Analytics is a URL request to a third-party system that notifies them of a conversion.
What is it a “Back button disable”?
Ability to turn off for mobile traffic return to the previous page by clicking the back button.
What is it a “Complexity”?
Complexity is a parameter that regulates the amount of reopening a window to a Push subscription. For example, if you specified a difficulty level of 20, then the user will need to cancel the subscription 20 times, so that the subscription request is no longer received, or subscribe. If the user subscribes, the subscription window will no longer appear. By default, the difficulty level is set to 100. Set the difficulty level to 0 for unlimited amounts of reopening a window on canceling the subscription (until user close opened window). You can change this number at any time.

Administrative question:

How much will I earn?
Earnings depend on the website performance and market conditions. Geographic location of your website traffic can also play a part in determining your potential revenue.
What is the minimum amount of earnings available to withdraw funds?
We have a minimum payment threshold $25 and billing is handled automatically.
How often do you make payments?
We make payments every 7 days. Therefore, all payments are made automatically each Monday.
What payment methods do you use? (Minimal amount to withdraw?)
Currently we offer PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer, ePayments, Webmoney and SWIFT ($500) as a payment method.
Is there a fee for making payments?
You get exactly as much as you earned in the system.
What ads are displayed?
EvaDav always shows the best paying ad on your website. Our AdNetwork intelligent and fully automatic system which finds ad with the best CPM and shows it by OpenRTB.
My site has International traffic, can I join?
Yes. We accept Non-English sites. Any GEO can be monetized.
How does your project work? allows publishers to monetize their sites or landings through advertising by push notifications. Visitors subscribe to receive push-notification from your site or our landing and such subscriber will constantly bring you revenue by viewing and clicking on the push notification ads.
What types of monetization exist?
EvaDav suggests two types of monetization - by Native format and by Popup widget.

If you still have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

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