New way to monetize your traffic. We offer a new format of monetization for your website - push notifications. Fast integration, high-quality content, the highest eCPM rate among all advertising formats makes it the most attractive option for a publisher.



New advertising opportunities. A push-notification format that provides high conversion, 100% brand-safety and extensive capability of targeting advertising campaigns. The highest conversion rate on the market. We offer a proprietary anti-fraud system and an effective algorithm for predicting audience behavior.


What is Push-Notification AdNetwork?

The advertising network based on push-notifications is a new product focused on monetizing websites and providing push-notification service. Push notifications appear as small pop-ups on the screen of user’s device (PC, mobile, tablet etc.).


Worldwide audience

Advertisers and publishers with any geo-traffic can be integrated with our system. The main evaluation criterion for each participant of the network is the effectiveness of the system. No matter where the user comes from, we always provide an offer.

Best traffic

Tier 1 and tier 2 publishers, ad networks, adexchanges and SSPs deliver over 1 million weekly new subscriptions that provide unique opportunities for the advertising market and its participants. Top conversion rates permit the display of ads in the right place, at the right time, and to the right user.

New revenue stream

The defining feature of this type of advertising is its guarantee to increase income as it avoids occupying allocated advertising spots on the web page and it prevents the distraction of the user experience during the visit to the publisher's website.

Referral Program

You receive 5% of the revenues made by referred publishers.

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Our statistics

Here are some impressive facts about the EvaDav platform:

1823554085 Daily impressions

23408 Publishers

15506 Advertisers

1262320 Campaigns

Payment methods supported

Bank Wire
Visa & MasterCard

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