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Search-engine friendly format.

Setting up In-page Push guarantees no bans from Google.

Skyrocket CPM

Get paid for every click on your website.

Do not block a website content

The user not get annoyed with push ads and can simply close it.

Compatible with all devices

Ads will be shown to all online users on mobile and desktop to ensure the highest income.

Integrates in less than 1 minute

In-page push integrates to your website in the <body> tag to every page.

Payments Twice a Day.

We ensure timely and fast payment via 6 the most popular payment systems: Wire, Visa, Paypal, Paxum, Epayments, Webmoney

Custom targeting

You can customize ad delays and frequency

How to set up?

  • Apply in single click
  • Set up delivery interval
  • Choose display format
  • Set up code to ALL the website pages in the <body></body> tag.
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In-Page PUSH

EVADAV programmatic ecosystem


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How are inpage push ads displayed to users?

Displayed as short message alerts, people see the ad after initially loading the page following a time delay of some seconds. They slide into view and contain a short description, title, image, or icon. Each banner comes with a close button. Users don’t receive prompts beforehand to enable these alerts.

How to get started with inpage push ads?

For companies engaging in in-page advertising, they need to join ad networks that offer this innovative format. EvaDav is an ad network that advertisers can join. On the platform, campaigns can leverage precise targeting to create personalized ads. Advertisers can split traffic between classic and in page push traffic.